Review of Bert Wilken’s (M.D.) talk on his Life and Work in the Solomon Islands.


On the 13th October 2017 Bert gave a talk with slides on his work life in the Solomons.  It was preceded by a meal of Solomon Island chicken and mango cheesecake, all delicious.  Sara Hodges, Deborah Finkemeyer and Angie Foreman prepared the first course and Suzanne Stratton the pudding.

Bert took his family to the Islands in the 1970’s; as the only surgeon there he had to cover all parts of the human body, from foot to head and all bits in between.

He showed over 250 slides, approximately six of the Islands and family, the rest showing details of his surgical work, some were quite graphic.

The nearly 50 people who attended the talk left staggered by what Bert achieved and some a little queasy from the slides.

















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